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60cm N 90 Built-in Pyrolytic Oven with Added Steam Function (Deep Black)



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NOTE: Brushed Bronze model shown in images.

  • Heating Methods
  • Temperature Range 40 °C - 275 °C
  • Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
  • Flex Design Available in Four Colors
  • Full Touch TFT Display
  • ShiftControl Navigation
  • Oven Assistant with Voice Control
  • Flex Control with Twist Pad Flex® Dials
  • Hide® Fully Retracting Oven Door
  • Slide® Revolving Handle
  • Soft Open and Close Oven Door
  • Automatic Meal Settings
  • Multipoint Meat Probe
  • Rapid Heat-Up Function
  • HomeConnect Smart Connectivity

The only oven with a disappearing door.

It's not magic, it's Slide & Hide®, the disappearing oven door. Designed for a perfect fit under the oven, the door slides away smoothly so you can taste and baste with ease. Say goodbye to the days of awkward bending as you get up close and personal to season and stir your favourite dishes. And Slide & Hide®'s reappearing act is just as impressive. Simply pull up the rotating handle in any position to guide the door back into place.

Your kitchen, your taste, your colour!
Adapt your favourite appliance to match your individual style. With four colour options to choose from, you can match design elements however you like. Simply choose your preferred colour at the time of purchase and get a seamless blend into your cabinetry. And because kitchens grow and tastes change, the choice is also flexible. With Flex Design, adaptable elements from additionally available accessory sets can be changed as often as you like, giving each appliance a lifetime of great taste.

Added Steam
Why choose between crispy and juicy? With Added Steam, you can infuse the oven with moisture. Fill your water tank before baking, simply press a button and voilà. Add steam to your homemade bread for the lovely mix of crunchy crust and fluffy texture. Also your vegetables remain moist yet crisp.

Simple. Easy. Premium.
Bring premium quality to every aspect of your cooking experience! Our full-colour, extra-large Premium 6,8’’ Full Touch TFT Display is high-contrast and high-resolution, making it even easier to read and navigate. Explore the extensive menu, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to broil by simply swiping. The Premium size also features room for up to 2 Twist Pads for maximum comfort and control while cooking!

To twist or not to twist - the choice is yours!
With Flex Control, your appliance adapts to you! Whether you swipe and tap the TFT Touch Control or guide a Twist Pad Flex® into place, the high-resolution interface adapts automatically. The premium, 6.8 inch surface also features room for two Twist Pads, one on either side of the interface, enabling ultimate flexibility and complete control while cooking.

A new spin for your kitchen.
Ready to put a spin on your favourite appliance? Compatible with all appliances featuring Flex Control, the Twist Pad Flex® can now be used to control your oven, hob and coffee machine! Simply guide the magnetic dial into place and give it a spin to select your settings. The interactive display features integrated lights, offering instant feedback for easy use. The Twist Pad Flex® is ready to dial your appliance up a notch.

Included Accessories:
  • 1 x Air Fry & Grill tray
  • 2 x Combination grid
  • 1 x Universal pan


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