Save up to $700* on Ovens / Compacts & $600* on Cooktops

Save up to $700* on Ovens / Compacts & $600* on Cooktops

Save up to $700* on Ovens / Compacts & $600* on Cooktops

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Promotion Period: 1st June - 30th June 2021

Ovens & Compacts

B57CR22N0B Pyrolytic Slide&Hide® Oven $700* 
B47FS36N0B, B48FT78H0B Slide&Hide® Oven with FullSteam $600* 
B57VR22N0B, B57VS26N0B, B58VT68H0B Pyrolytic Slide&Hide® Oven with VarioSteam $500*
C18FT56H0B, C17FS32H0B Compact Oven with FullSteam $400* 
C28MT27H0B, C27MS22H0B, C17MR02N0B Pyrolytic Compact Oven with Microwave $400* 
U2ACH7CN0A Pyrolytic Double Oven $400*


T58UD10X0 80cm FlexInduction $600* 
T58TL6EN2 80cm Vented FlexInduction $600* 
T59TS61N0 90cm FlexInduction $500* 
T68TS61N0 80cm Extended FlexInduction $400* 
T29TA79N0A 90cm FlameSelect® Gas (Black) $400* 
T66TS61N0 60cm Extended FlexInduction $300* 
T56TS31N0 60cm FlexInduction $200* 
T27DA69N0A 75cm FlameSelect® Gas $200* 
T26DS59N0A 60cm FlameSelect® Gas $100* 
T11D41X2 60cm Electric $100*


D96BMU5N0A 90cm Wall Mounted Canopy Rangehood $200* 
D58ML66N1 86cm Integrated Rangehood $100* 
D57ML67N1B 70cm Integrated Rangehood $100* 
D55MH56N0B 52cm Integrated Rangehood $100*

Applies to eligible models ordered for new orders placed or while stocks last. 

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