Save Up To $500* Off Selected AEG Kitchen Appliances

Save Up To $500* Off selected AEG Kitchen Appliances

Save Up To $500* Off Selected AEG Kitchen Appliances

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Save up to $500* off new RRP on selected AEG Kitchen Appliances

Promotion Period: 1 December 2021 – 31 January 2022

The AEG Kitchen Appliances valid for this Promotion are the following models (“Participating Products”): HG674550VB, HG975550VB, HVB95450IB, HG60FXA, HG90FXB, HK654070XB, IKE63471FB, IKE95471FB, IPE64551FB, IPE64571FB, IPE84531FB, IPE84571FB, IAE64851FB, IAE84851FB, IAE84881FB, IDK84454IB, BEK455320M, BPK742320M, BPK94733PT, BSK97733PT, BSK99733PT, KMK761000M, MBE2658DEM, KMK96708PT, KSK99733PT, DGE5660HM, DGE5860HM, DGE7660HB, DGE7960HB, DGR9969HB, DBR9989HB, DBE7980HB, DVK6981HB, DCE5280HM, KDK911424M, KDK911424T, KDK911423T.

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