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Cooking Demonstrations

Complimentary before-purchase experiences to help you make informed choices, before you decide which appliances you would like to take home. Get to know your appliances, how they work and what they can do for your home.

Latest Appliance Demo

A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without the kings of cooking, the oven and cooktop. We guide you through the oven types - multi-function ovens, the game-changing pyrolytic oven, steam ovens and the conventional upright cooker. Next, the tricky choice of gas or induction cooktop. With both, our Cooking Appliance Educator, Margaret, takes you through the new generation features that make cooking enjoyable and easy.

Our aim is to help you find the appliances best-suited to your cooking style, before you buy them.

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Latest Appliances Demo | Hart & Co.
An Intro to Combi Steam Ovens | Hart & Co.

An Intro to Combi Steam Ovens

Join our Cooking Appliance Educator, Margaret, as she demystifies combi steam oven cooking technology. We have tailored this experience to help you get to know both the leading steam oven types; the combination steam or steam only.

If you didn’t already know, combi steam ovens are such a versatile cooking device. The combi steam oven combines baking with steaming in an all-in-one appliance allowing simultaneous cooking of different foods without flavour transfer. It’s a wonder in the kitchen making a breeze of ‘one-pan cooking’ perfect for midweek healthy family dinners.

Margaret highlights some of the benefits of combi steam oven cooking while giving a practical take on how to cook crusty breads, flaky pastries, roast crispy chicken, and perfect poached eggs served for the entire family - at once.

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Appliance Cooking Demonstrations With The World’s Best Brands

At Hart & Co, we have an extra dimension to the consideration process. We call it usability.

That’s why you’ll regularly find our brand partners flaunting the appliances and cooking up a culinary storm. These demos allow you to immerse yourself in the appliances, see what they can do, so you can find a solution that you are proud to display and enjoy using every day.

We are often roasting meats, baking desserts, stir-frying, steaming seafood along with showcasing an array of other cooking methods. Our experts share so much knowledge and their tips and tricks from many years of cooking on the world’s best appliances.

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Live Cooking Demonstrations With The World’s Best Brands | Hart & Co.

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