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Oven Buying Guide

The one appliance that every home chef needs

The unassuming oven has come a long way since the single-function electric range became a staple in kitchens. Innovation has taken the oven forward in leaps and bounds, with the modern oven able to replace multiple appliances. But with reams of features, how do you choose the right oven for the way you cook and live?

Ovens at a glance

The two most common ovens are the traditional multi-function oven that gives you fan-forced cooking and grilling. And the other is the combination steam oven that offers you convection cooking with steam. Using both functions in sequence takes your cooking to the next level by using programs for multi-stage cooking.

All-in-one kitchen gem

Combination steam ovens give you flexibility with your cooking. You can combine conventional and steam cooking or use the functions separately. Many also come with built- in microwave functionality so you can go from defrosting to cooking to serving in no time at all.

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Ovens at Hart & Co

At Hart & Co, we have an extra dimension to the consideration process. We call it usability. That’s why you’ll regularly find our brand partners flaunting the appliances and cooking up a culinary storm. These demos allow you to immerse yourself in the appliances, see what they can do, so you can find a solution that you are proud to display and enjoy using every day.

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Oven Buying
Oven Buying<br>Guide

A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without the king of cooking, the oven. Our oven buying guide takes you through the various types of oven types including an in depth focus on the game-changing steam oven. If you are considering a new oven, this guide is for you.

Oven Buying Guide

Steam Ovens

Steam Cooking

What’s the secret to taking food that’s meh to incredibly delicious? Steam cooking. Combination steam ovens are gaining in popularity; not only because they can afford you the experience of restaurant-quality meals at home, but they help get rid of the small appliance clutter. The new generation combination steam ovens give you the choice of stand-out features like an in-built microwave and programs that mimic air frying, dehydrators and sous vide.

It’s a myth that you need special recipes to cook in a steam oven; you can cook all your favourite dishes - just better.
Steam ovens are built with bakers’ technology, so your home-made sour dough loaf can be as good as your favourite bakery.
Heat is evenly distributed, and a consistent temperature is maintained in the oven so you can confidently cook multiple trays of the same food at the same time.

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We are so committed to you loving your appliances, just like we do. That’s why at Hart & Co. we offer for complete peace of mind, a 100 day product satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason your appliance does not meet your expectations, we will gladly arrange a product exchange, so it does.

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