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One-to-One Demo With our Cooking Appliance Educator

Are you creating your dream kitchen but feeling a little overwhelmed with cooking appliance technology? Then this complimentary session is for you.

Choices are great, but how do you decide which kitchen appliances are right for your lifestyle and how you like to cook? Combi steam or multifunction oven, upright cooker or oven stack, induction or gas cooktops, and then the accessories. That’s where our cooking appliance educator helps you make sense of the features and what the appliances can do.

In this 1-to-1 session, we’ll walk through how you cook at home and the features that are important to you. Then, we’ll show you how the functions work in a practical demonstration.

It’s a hands-on educational experience that steers you through the latest technology and benefits, so you can make informed choices. After all, we want you to love your appliances and enjoy using them when you get them home.

Cost: Complimentary
Duration: 1-hour

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One to One Demo | Hart & Co.

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