AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T | Hart & Co.
AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T
AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T
AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T
AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T
AEG 14cm Warming Drawer KDK911424T

14cm Warming Drawer


Was $1,699


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Product information


SERVE MEALS HOT ON PRE-WARMED PLATES- Why let your perfectly cooked meals go cold? Serve at the temperature meals will best be appreciated on pre-warmed plates. The warming drawers high-performance fan circulates the heat evenly maintaining a consistent 60C, the ideal, safe plate-warming temperature, even for the fine china you use when entertaining. OPTION TO PRE-WARM CUPS AND GLASSES - Warming cups, glasses and jugs at a cosy yet safe 40C will keep liquids such as hot drinks and sauces warmer when served. Cup warming is essential to barista-quality coffee at home - Coffee professionals recommend warm cups for freshly prepared coffee to retain its heat, aroma and crema for longer. THE IDEAL PLACE TO LET YOUR DOUGH RISE - The warming drawer is the ideal environment for your dough to rise when baking bread. Now you can turn out home-made loaves with the perfect shape and scrumptious texture created by a professional baker. EASY ACCESS AND EXTRA STABLE - The warming drawer glides open with ease and safety for full access to the interior. Inside, dishes and plates remain stable on the anti-slip mat. IN PERFECT STYLE - Thanks to its stylish design, the warming drawer seamlessly integrates with the rest of your kitchen and perfectly matches your AEG oven.

  • Domestic warranty details (yrs): 5
  • Type: built-in
  • Number of place settings: 6
  • Features: Cups & Glass warming (40d °C),Heating Element,Plate Warming (60d °C),Fan air circulation,Variable temperature control,On/Off LED,Anti-slip mat,Temperature range,Defrosting (30d °C),Dough proving (40d C-50d °C),Food warming (60d C-80d °C),Low temperature cooking (80d °C)
  • Exterior Finish: Matte black
  • Push to open drawer system: yes
  • Power: Cable
  • Maximum Power Rating (W): 430
  • Product:
  • Total height (mm): 140
  • Total width (mm): 595
  • Total depth (mm): 535
  • Flush:
  • Cut out height (mm): 141
  • Cut out width (mm): 600
  • Cut out depth (mm): 580
  • Specs

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