AEG 60cm SteamCrisp Pyroluxe™ Multifunction Oven BSK97733PT | Hart & Co.
AEG 60cm SteamCrisp Pyroluxe™ Multifunction Oven BSK97733PT
AEG 60cm SteamCrisp Pyroluxe™ Multifunction Oven BSK97733PT

60cm SteamCrisp Pyroluxe™ Multifunction Oven



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Product information


STEAM. YOUR NEW STANDARD FOR FLAVOURSTEAM. - Take your dishes to a new level with the SteamCrisp oven. How? Traditional oven heat is enhanced by the introduction of steam, combining precisely to give your cooking the best of both culinary worlds. So, your meat, poultry and vegetables are crispy and golden on the outside, and cooked gently and consistently throughout, so foods full flavour and succulence is enjoyed with every bite. COMMAND YOUR COOKING - With the ovens simple, intuitive Command Wheel, you have complete control over the cooking process to serve up perfection on a plate with every oven-cooked meal. Whether adjusting the time, temperature or function of your oven, you''re in charge. With just a touch, your current cooking settings appear immediately on the EXCITE+ TFT Display for at-a-glance monitoring of your meal, making adjustments exact and precise. SHORTCUT TO PERFECTION. WITH ASSISTED COOKING - Assisted Cooking is your at-home sous chef. Scroll through menus to select a food category, and the oven will generate the correct settings for the dish. You can even choose how you would like meats sealed. And for added safety, the oven automatically powers down after cooking. PYROLUXE™ SELF CLEANING - AEGs Pyroluxe self-cleaning function takes the hard work out of keeping your oven clean. The pyrolytic oven is heated to a very high temperature that will reduce grease and grime and burn off baked-on food residue reducing it to ash. All you need to do is wipe oven out with a damp cloth. RARE. MEDIUM. WELL DONE. AT YOUR COMMAND WITH SENSECOOK - Your personal sous chef. Use the Food Sensor to tell the oven how you want your dish cooked using just the words you would in a restaurant rare, medium, or well done. Without even opening the oven door, everything from tender joints of meat to molten chocolate fondants are controlled and mastered. At last, an oven that speaks your language.

  • Domestic warranty details (yrs): 5
  • Type of Oven: single steam & pyrolytic oven
  • Oven fuel: electric
  • Materials/Colour: matte black
  • Controls of Oven: command wheel
  • Cooling fan: Yes
  • Product Dimension
  • Total height (mm) 594
  • Total width (mm) 595
  • Total depth (mm) 567
  • Flush fit cut out
  • Flush fit cut out height (mm) 600
  • Flush fit cut out width (mm) 600
  • Flush fit cut out depth (mm) 580
  • Gross capacity litres: 77
  • Useable capacity litres: 70
  • Oven function: multifunction
  • Number of functions: 19
  • Oven Functions: pizza, keep warm, plate warming, grill, defrost, conventional cooking, moist fan cooking, true fan cooking, turbo grilling, bread baking, browning/ au gratin, dough proving, drying, frozen foods, preserving, slow cooking, humidity cooking low, steam regenerating, bottom heat
  • Oven liner: enamel
  • Timer functions: Cook time, End time, Time of day, 24 hour clock, duration, end, Auto off
  • Light wattage: 65
  • Connected load KW: 3.5
  • Maximum current rating (amps): 16
  • Type of connection: hardwired
  • Other Features
  • Number of Programmed functions: 170
  • Auto cook programs: Yes
  • Auto cook from frozen programs: Yes
  • Auto weight defrosting programs: Yes
  • Cleaning: pyrolytic
  • Pyrolytic functions: 3
  • Type of Pyrolytic functions: quick (1hr), normal (1.5hr), intense (2.5 hr)
  • Door: IsoFront cool door, removable door, drop down, Soft close
  • Timer: Programmable timer
  • Lights: 2
  • Light wattage: 65
  • Light position: side and top
  • Telescopic runners: three
  • Shelf support: multi position side racks
  • Number of shelves: 2
  • Safety features: isofront plus quadruple glazed door
  • Included accessories: wire shelves stainless steel x 2, dripping pan, cake tray, 3 x telescopic runners
  • Layers of glass in door: 4
  • Number of shelf positions: 5
  • Food probe: Yes
  • Specs

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